What Is The Best Breast Pump For You?

If you are thinking of breastfeeding your baby but need a pump for work, this blog post is for you. The decision to breastfeed or not can be a difficult one. Some women cannot do so for outside reasons, and others have difficulty breastfeeding due to physical limitations. In either case, a breast pump can be handy.

The first thing you need to do is figure out what type of pump will work best for your lifestyle. There are generally three types: electric, manual, and battery-powered. The best breast pumps are practical and not too noisy to annoy anyone sitting next to you. They should also be easy to clean with silicone tubing or bottle liners.

Now, these are general things to keep in mind. Examining specifics will help you land on a breast pump that will serve longer without causing any harm.

Who needs a breast pump?

Not every mother needs a breast pump. While these pumps are handy, using them in the wrong way might harm you. The ideal time or condition that necessitate buying a breast pump include:

  • When the baby is unable to suckle directly from the mother’s breasts
  • When the mother is separated from the baby. This might be due to various reasons, including cases of premature babies, or when you are resuming work or schooling.
  •  In cases where the mother needs to increase milk supply

So, mothers who stay at home to look after their newborn baby might not need a breast pump. However, if you will occasionally be going out with your baby, saving up milk can be a cost-effective option.

Note: Hand expression is a technique that you need to learn before fully engaging in pumping your breasts. Proper expression leads to increased milk production. Besides, the milk produced will be clean and stored correctly. If you do not know how to do it, ask your healthcare provider or check out some video tutorials.

Getting the best value breast pump

There is something you should not consider buying – a cheap breast pump. These pumps are made with low-quality material and therefore break down quickly. Again, they are noisy and can cause severe damage to your nipple.

What is the pump’s warranty? A pump’s warranty determines its expected useful life. Top brands always offer the best warranties on their pumps because they know they are selling long-lasting products.

The general rule here is ensuring that you do not buy a breast pump from emerging companies, especially those that specialize in bottles or nipples. Such companies do not create quality products. This is a costly route, as you will have to purchase another pump when the first one breaks down.

What is your fit? You need to find a pumping horn that perfectly fits your nipple. The approach, in this case, is buying from a breast pump brand that sells different fit options. Keep in mind that the fitting of a pump is all about the nipple size but not breast size. Nipple tunnels come in various sizes, and the right size will be comfortable when expressing milk. Besides, it ensures you get maximum milk from the breasts.

Most importantly, consider the frequency of use – occasional or regular. Some pumps are specifically made for mothers who do not have an established milk supply or those with babies less than eight weeks.

If you are occasionally expressing, a manual or a small motorized pump might be the right option for you. Otherwise, if it is for regular use, buy an efficient and dependable electric double pump.

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