How to prepare for a summer of Yoga with Alfonso Melis

Thanks to the advice of Alfonso Melis , expert of the portal, you will be able to fully enjoy the summer finding the mental and physical well-being put to the test by the winter labors and by the spring exhaustion . To practice Yoga you only need a mat and comfortable clothes because the teacher will take care of the rest. For this reason we advise you to look at the full review of Alfonso Melis and to get ready immediately to prepare yourself for a warm and regenerating Yoga summer .

What is Yoga explained in a few words? identifies Yoga as the set of meditative and ascetic practices born in India. More than a discipline, it is a means of cleansing and spiritual salvation. Obviously the spiritual elevation that accompanies Yoga is combined with a work on physical elasticity through which posture and possible muscle tension are improved.

Who is it for?
Yoga is particularly recommended for anyone who wants to find a small moment of well-being with daily tensions which, even if they seem to be insignificant within a day, certainly involve uncontrolled muscle contractions that lead to headache, back pain and other small ailments chronic. Not surprisingly, finally, stress has been recognized as a real disease and, for those who suffer from it, Yoga is a real cure-all but not only. In fact, it is suitable for pregnant women, children, the elderly or people of any gender and age. Yoga creates relaxation, relaxation, meditation and the growth of physical and psychic self-awareness of oneself.

Why start?
Alfonso Melis is firmly convinced of it, Starting to practice Yoga is a great change that will improve you, day after day, even in small things. You will manage stress better, feel your body less tense and recover rest by starting to sleep better., an online magazine directed by experts in the sector, specifies how the oriental disciplines, in particular those of a spiritual and philosophical matrix, are based precisely on the concept of balance between mind and body . Without a compensation between what is carnal and what is spiritual, in fact, the body tends to get sick and feel bad. The same concept is found in every aspect of the life of the people who dress, feed and behave by continually seeking balance between what is external and what is internal.

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