Communication - Defining your Voice.

Find you Authentic Voice with Vedic Chanting

Vedic Chanting will help you find your authentic voice. It is a powerful tool of yoga for health and healing. Chanting Vedic mantras will enhance your confidence, improve your pronunciation, strengthen your voice and calm your mind and emotions. The multi-layered effects of chanting affect change from inside to enable you to clearly express yourself in all areas of your life. This session will be a practical experience with call and response chanting.``

This presentation will introduce vedic chanting as a potent aspect of yoga to develop communication skills and confidence.

The session will include:

• A brief introduction to the origin and history of the Vedas.

• Benefits of chanting and how this occurs

• Rules of Vedic Chanting and their purpose

• Use of sound with movement as a tool of yoga

• Scientific findings relating to the beneficial effects of chanting.

The benefits of chanting include:

• Improved pronunciation through oral dexterity required for Sanskrit sounds

• Better listening skills. Call and response chanting engages the mind at a subtle level which has a profound effect on the structure of the mind, and in turn influences the elements of the body

• Strengthening of your voice as you chant develops familiarity with initiating different sounds

• Concentration. This ability is enhanced due to the focus required to listen and repeat accurately

• Improved memory as you listen carefully and repeat what you heard

• Improved confidence as you develop your knowledge and capacity for chanting

• Integration of body, voice, mind and emotion which creates resilience and inner strength

• Relief of stress and anxiety

Healing mantras will be taught to offer an experience of vedic chanting and share the meanings of those mantras. Mantras will be selected to link with positive qualities needed to reduce stress and anxiety and increase courage and confidence.

Linking with elements of nature or healing qualities of the deities helps to calm the mind and settle the emotions. The Sanskrit word for chanting is adhyayanam and this means to connect you with your heart. This sacred thread from your innermost being binds you emotionally to your voice. Chanting moves you closer to your inner self, your heart.

There is a fundamental connection between breath and sound. This session will explore how this occurs, from the original Sanskrit words and the action in our body together with the positive effect on our voice.

Debby has stories and personal reflections to share from her 12 years of experience with vedic chanting. This help to open up understanding of how the practice of chanting builds confidence. All yoga teachers and students can benefit from chanting in their daily lives.

Debby Badger

Debby Badger is a Yoga & Vedic Chant Teacher in Melbourne. Debby studied yoga in the Krishnamacharya lineage at Agama Yoga Centre in Melbourne and trained as a Vedic Chant Teacher in Chennai.  She expanded her knowledge of the Sanskrit language through study at Australian National University in 2015-16. This training has given her a strong technical foundation and confirmed her true love of vedic chanting. Debby has developed a dedicated Vedic Chant teacher training in Melbourne, with the support of her teacher Radha Sundararajan, commencing in February, 2018.