The Karmic Fate in our Genes

Metaphysically and scientifically, our fate lies deep within. Our past trauma is stored in our cells, our genes and our DNA. Trauma not only effects our cells but it changes our body, our gut, our brain wave patterning, our vagal tone and our brains. The memory of the past that lives within us sees us often trying to supress the inner chaos inside ourselves at the expense of our spontaneous involvement in life.

Together, you will explore the ways to unlock the karmic fate of the body and explore the science behind such ancient wisdom. Yoga is an essential key to free the karma that is stored in the hands, the body and the heart. Breathing together, moving together, touch and eye contact with trusted others help us to dissolve the past and the fate that lies in our genes. With benevolent minds and hearts - gather together to explore the science behind our yogic wisdom.

Celia Roberts

Celia has experienced first-hand all the benefits yoga and complementary health can have in one’s life, and she has seen them transform many of her student’s lives. Committed to education and innovation in Lifestyle Medicine, she has taken part in complementary health education for the better part of the last two decades. Through her journey as a Yoga Teacher, Celia has travelled and taught world-wide, having established international health communities in Japan and previously founded yoga by donation programs in both Japan and Australia – “Tsukuba Community Yoga” and “Grass Roots Yoga”. Celia has a Biomedical Science degree and has further qualifications in the fields of Meditation, Ayurveda, Nutrition and Dietetics, Psychosomatic Medicine, Counselling and Integrative Medicine.