Understanding Projection, Transference and Countertransference in Teacher-Student relationship

Janet Lowndes

Janet Lowndes is a Psychologist, Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist who integrates modern psychological knowledge with the traditional wisdom and teachings of Yoga. Trained originally in Psychology, Janet became interested in an embodied approach to health and wellbeing and first studied Yoga Teaching at Swami Vivekananda’s ashram in India, then undertook further teacher training with the Australian Institute of Yoga at the Centre for Adult Education. Janet is the Director of Mind Body Well, a therapeutic practice in Melbourne, and she manages the Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy with the Australian Institute of Yoga Therapy. She also regularly conducts Yoga Psychology training for both Yoga Teachers and Mental Health Professionals. Janet has been influenced by various teachers including Irvin Yalom, Leigh Blashki, Richard Miller, Judith Lasater, and Donna Farhi. She is an iRest Teacher-in-Training (Level 2), and a member of the Australian Teachers of Meditation Association and the Australian Psychological Society. She holds an Advanced Certificate in Clinical Neuropsychotherapy, and she is currently inspired by the world of Neuroscience. Janet is past Vice-Preseident of the Yoga Teachers Association of Australia (now Yoga Australia), and a current member of their Council of Advisors.