Mastering Your Prana; Self Care for Yoga Teachers

Did you become a yoga teacher because you love practicing yoga? Sometimes we find our relationship with yoga changes as we move from student to teacher role. It's a profession that asks us to give of our whole selves, to hold space, project our voice and experience, and to connect with a diverse range of students and their needs.

Many yoga teachers love their work and yet find themselves cycling through phases of burnout. While it looks idyllic from the outside, the reality is that this is hard work, and we give out a lot of prana. Managing our own stress, financial and personal energy is challenging. The business of yoga can be depleting if we don't find ways to fit self-care into our lifestyles.

Much more than just a buzzword, taking care of our own prana is essential to a sustainable career as a yoga teacher. We can either find ways to access more prana from outside ourselves, or we can use the tools of yoga to harness and master the unique flow of prana within us. Perhaps a balance of both will be most sustainable.

Yoga as a profession is a fascinating experiment within our own minds and bodies, so this interactive workshop will ask participants to share their tools, experiences and ideas. Pranayama as the restraint of prana dissipation will be explained. A pranayama practice together will close out the session.

Chandrika Gibson

Chandrika Gibson is the owner of Surya Health and co-director of Living Yoga Therapy. An experienced senior yoga teacher and registered yoga therapist, Chandrika has shaped her teaching life in a variety of ways over more than a decade, and has experienced first hand phases of falling out of love with yoga due to burn out. As a teacher trainer and group facilitator she is able to draw out the wisdom of others, and will share her own best tips for managing prana as a yoga teacher.