Ancient Archetypes in a Modern World

In recognition of the conference’s theme, this 90-minute session explores four ancient archetypes: Warrior, Healer, Teacher and Visionary through the lens of a Yoga practice and how we integrate and balance each in our contemporary lives.

Variations of these four archetypes can be found in Indigenous cultures the world over. It’s believed that in order to achieve balance in our lives, we must first balance these archetypes residing within our oldest selves. Are we overly expressive in one archetype and underdeveloped in the others? What better way to balance our inner archetypes than through Yoga? Ancient Archetypes in a Modern World has been deeply inspired by the lifelong work (The Four Fold Way®) of cultural anthropologist Dr. Angeles Arrien who once said the twenty-first century is, “A time of bridging ancient wisdoms into the creative tapestry of contemporary lives.”

In this session, you will explore the often-misunderstood archetype, the Warrior. Rather than symbolising warfare and aggression, the Warrior, similar to Arjuna in the Bagavad Gita, also represents the strength and courage we tap into to achieve integrity, hold our boundaries and practice Right Communication (Satya). The Way of the Warrior is about how we ‘show up’. And how we ‘show up’ is as relevant in our modern world as it was in the times of Arjuna.

The session will begin with a quick overview of the four ancient archetypes, focusing specifically on how the Warrior plays out in our contemporary lives. Next, I will facilitate a process for individual reflection on how each participant personally connects with their inner Warrior. The group will then be lead through a gentle asana practice that connects participants with their own inner Warrior. The asana sequence is a fusion of Hatha and Qi Gong and is accessible to all practitioners who are curious. It is the culmination of teachings shared with Angela over the last few years from her teachers in Bali, France and Italy.

Before drawing the session to a close, Angela will guide the group through a relaxation practice that is representative of and in alignment with this archetype. The session is highly relevant to yoga professionals because it offers a creative approach to honouring ancient wisdoms as we nurture the practice of Yoga in 2018 and beyond.

Angela Smith

The practice and study of Yoga has been a part of Angela’s life for 40+ years, having completed 500 hours of yoga teacher training in 2012. Angela is a Communications professional, having worked on various campaigns across Canada and Australia, presenting on TV, radio and to large audiences.