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There are other options available even in today’s bustling lifestyle; one such option is a yoga retreat.

yoga retreat

But that does not mean that you have to kiss your yearning for peace and tranquility goodbye. There are other options available even in today’s bustling lifestyle; one such option is a yoga retreat.

Yoga Australia is your ticket to a few days of deep meditation and relaxation. Our services are top notch and you are guaranteed to have an enriching and enchanting experience at our yoga retreat. 

Meditation Exercises

Meditation and deep introspection are what yoga is all about. We have a team of highly skilled and professional

yoga instructors

yoga instructors that will guide you through the meditation exercises to help you relax and feel revitalized.


Yoga Australia is located at an ideal spot that is far removed from the hectic flow of modern life. Our retreat is specially designed to incorporate as many natural elements as possible so that you have a truly authentic expeience.

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How many times have we heard these sentences, maybe we have been the ones to say them: a thousand impediments that hinder our desire. But are these impediments real? Is it really that difficult to reconcile private life with an activity to do twice a week, such as a yoga course?

Most of the time we only tell apologies. But this does not mean we have to blame ourselves, on the contrary, it is better to get rid of guilt and with an open mind and heart try to find a new solution.

Finding the time to enroll and attend a yoga course constantly , or to carve out a daily moment to do our personal practice and dedicate ourselves to meditation, is exclusively a matter of will and habit. The hard part is often in building a new good habit.

Our day most of the time is marked by predetermined times that have also created family connections in our brain. Introducing a new habit means going to modify these connections in some way, giving a new and unknown input that our brain does not recognize as familiar. This is why we so often fall back into mechanisms that, on the other hand, we would like to modify.

A new habit is built one step at a time, introducing small daily changes that do not completely upset our day. In this way there will be more probability that the habit introduced will last over time.

For example, if we have decided to start attending our yoga course twice a week, a small useful tool may be to pin it on our agenda. Seeing this appointment written, every time it presents itself, will ensure that our mind organizes the day in order to respect the commitment marked on the agenda. Even just seeing the note repeatedly will help us to make the idea more familiar and therefore there will be less risk of being able to modify it.

How to prepare for a summer of Yoga with Alfonso Melis

Thanks to the advice of Alfonso Melis , expert of the Rews.it portal, you will be able to fully enjoy the summer finding the mental and physical well-being put to the test by the winter labors and by the spring exhaustion . To practice Yoga you only need a mat and comfortable clothes because the teacher will take care of the rest. For this reason we advise you to look at the full review of Alfonso Melis and to get ready immediately to prepare yourself for a warm and regenerating Yoga summer .

What is Yoga explained in a few words?
Rews.it identifies Yoga as the set of meditative and ascetic practices born in India. More than a discipline, it is a means of cleansing and spiritual salvation. Obviously the spiritual elevation that accompanies Yoga is combined with a work on physical elasticity through which posture and possible muscle tension are improved.

Who is it for?
Yoga is particularly recommended for anyone who wants to find a small moment of well-being with daily tensions which, even if they seem to be insignificant within a day, certainly involve uncontrolled muscle contractions that lead to headache, back pain and other small ailments chronic. Not surprisingly, finally, stress has been recognized as a real disease and, for those who suffer from it, Yoga is a real cure-all but not only. In fact, it is suitable for pregnant women, children, the elderly or people of any gender and age. Yoga creates relaxation, relaxation, meditation and the growth of physical and psychic self-awareness of oneself.

Why start?
Alfonso Melis is firmly convinced of it, Starting to practice Yoga is a great change that will improve you, day after day, even in small things. You will manage stress better, feel your body less tense and recover rest by starting to sleep better. Rews.it, an online magazine directed by experts in the sector, specifies how the oriental disciplines, in particular those of a spiritual and philosophical matrix, are based precisely on the concept of balance between mind and body . Without a compensation between what is carnal and what is spiritual, in fact, the body tends to get sick and feel bad. The same concept is found in every aspect of the life of the people who dress, feed and behave by continually seeking balance between what is external and what is internal.

Our chefs are specially talented

Our chefs are specially talented in preparing the best possible combination of tasty and healthy. What’s more is that you have a range of cuisines to choose from.

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If you wish to receive more information regarding our various service packages and the costs or if you would like to book your next yoga retreat with us then please reach out to us through our website:yogaaustraliaconference.org.au.